Hotel Empress Zoe

istanbul, turkey

The Hotel Empress Zoe is a like a Zen garden oasis, which happens to also be a Bed and Breakfast. Each room has its own décor, a bohemian and nomadic vibe, which is felt throughout the entire space. There are 14 rooms and 12 suites, furnished with colorful canopied beds, various textiles, and marble bathrooms. The hotel features a tranquil garden and two-level roof terrace as well. Get yourself a room in the Villa Zoe and step out directly on to a courtyard for your morning coffee or take the Terrace Suite and enjoy hamam views and glimpses of the sea. No matter what room you choose, your bound to enjoy the homey and rustic energy of Hotel Empress Zoe.

Check out our favorite items to back for your trip below. A relaxing breakfast surrounded by beautiful plant life and a nice stroll through the old city sound perfect right about now.

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